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Wendy van Ierschot

Global Tech companies, local start ups & scale ups, leading (tech) conferences and festivals across the globe invite Wendy van Ierschot to inspire them on building high performing cultures in fast growing companies.

She started as an HR professional became serial entrepreneur, Business Angel Investor, Public speaker & writer. 

Wendy's passion is People & Culture in fast growing organisations. Companies that will become the next world leaders in their field.

How do you do that? With personal stories and a lot of humor Wendy is the speaker on this topic. Always touching on technology, growth, science and people.

"She is a successful CEO, investor and thought leader in HR and entrepreneurship. Onstage it is no show you get, it's a message that touches you. Wendy taught me that you get far on positive energy put to work smartly. That what it is, she makes you smarter. A leader in all sense of the word, in the right way."
Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, Innovatie Executive and entrepreneur

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Scale-ups & Downs (2023)

Guide your organization through every stage of growth! This is the must have people & culture book for start-ups & scale-ups

Know exactly where the focus should be at each stage of growth to build an inspiring and high-performing organization.

Get overview, priorities and structure in the journey to grow your business.

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Companies founded by Wendy

All companies have a few similar traits: People, Science, Tech focus. Wendy believes that combining science, tech and people is an inspiring cocktail of human excellence.

VIE People

The People & Culture (HR) company for scaling companies

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VIE Tech Capital

Growth money for companies focussed on People, Culture and HR

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Maven At Work

Bringing science to organisations by an interactive approach and world famous speakers (from e.g. Harvard and MIT)

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Wendy also founded some initiatives to inspire and create

Next to her work as an Entrepreneur, Business Angel Investor and Public speaker Wendy also founded several initiatives in the area of people & culture. Just like the companies she founded her initiatives share a focus on People, Culture, Science and Tech. Feel free to join in on one off the Meetups to meet Wendy!

Video's & Articles

See and read more about Wendy

Wendy is frequently interviewed for her business insights. She also publishes articles about high performing cultures, how to scale your company and the newest insights in HR on a regular basis.

Wendy van Ierschot: Met goede HR van start-up naar scale-up - hoe doe je dit?

Paul van Liempt in gesprek met Wendy van Ierschot, tech-investeerder en oprichter van VIE People, over ontwikkelingen op het gebied van HR en de toekomst van personeelszaken.

Wendy van Ierschot (VIE People): ‘Snelle groei vraagt om een scherpe HR-visie voor jouw organisatie’

VIE People is de flexibele HR-afdeling van snelgroeiende scale-ups en serieuze organisaties, en werkt voor bedrijven zoals Protix en Mollie, maar ook voor het Rijksmuseum en

A look inside speaking at The Next Web TNW

One day as a speaker @TNW ( Follow Wendy van Ierschot (VIE People and VIE tech capital).


Listen to Wendy her weekly podcast on BNR

We know so much about human behavior, but we barely use this knowledge while we work. This is a missed opportunity. In The Workprofessor, made by the Dutch Business News Radio & Wendy van Ierschot, new scientific research on human behavior is discussed in a lively dialogue with the expert & an entrepreneur. (Podcast is in Dutch)